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No - We do our consultation over the phone and through email. We have found it is more convenient for your first appointment at our office to be a "treatment appointment."

Botox is a non-surgical procedure. Depending on the number of injections determined by the doctor and which treatment option you choose, the appointment may last from 15-60 minutes.

In most therapeutic patients, muscle pain will start to disappear within 48 hours, but can take up to one month for maximum relief. With cosmetic patients, wrinkles will begin to disappear within 48 hours, and you will see wrinkles continue to diminish up to two weeks after the procedure. There may be mild brusing, numbness, or redness around the injection sites.

Usually 3-6 months. Most patients will need maintenance injections, however since the clenching cycle is "broken," some patients won't need maintenance injections.

Wrinkles are usually diminished for 3-4 months.

Very little pain is experienced during injections.

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