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Therapeutic Botox

Below are the details of Therapeutic Botox Treatment. If you have any questions, or if you would like a treatment recommendation from Dr. Erin Brady, pleasecontact us.

Treatment Options

Purely Botox

"Purely Botox" includes injecting Botox into Area #1 plus injecting Botox into Area #2.  Area #1 is the primary clenching muscle, and Area #2 is the secondary clenching muscle (especially if you have temporal headaches).

  • Injecting Botox into Area #1 and #2 is $850.


Additionally, we can inject Botox into Area #3:


Area #3 is the third most likely area to cause tension headaches and also has the benefit of diminishing the wrinkles between the eyes. Yes, this is the exact result from cosmetic Botox.

  • Injecting Botox into Areas #1, #2 and #3 is $1200.

Cosmetic Botox

Dr. Erin Brady also offers Cosmetic Botox treatments. 

Cosmetic Botox procedures include:

  • Forehead Lines
    forehead3_1 forehead3_2
  • Glabellar Lines (the "11's")
    Glabellar Before Photo Glabellar After Photo
  • "Crow's feet"
    Crow's Feet Before Photo Crow's Feet After Photo
  • Gummy Smiles
    Gummy Smiles Before Photo Gummy Smiles After Photo

*The number of Botox units needed by each patient generally depends on the depth/number of wrinkles and your age. We charge $13 per unit.

***A unique procedure that Dr. Brady offers is the correction/reduction of "gummy smiles." This can be an extremely rewarding procedure for the patient. Botox injections are made on either side of the nose to prevent the lip elevator muscle from pulling the upper lip too far when a patient smiles. It does not affect the patient's smile otherwise. Gummy smile treatment is $250 per treatment regardless of the number of Botox units needed.

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